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View from the firetower lookout
Photo by Liz Bartlett
Lakeside Legacy Bed and Breakfast
Photo by Aliesha Timms Wilson

BBQ luncheon lakeside
Photo by Liz Bartlett

Our vehicles lined up waiting for the Southbank Ferry
Photo by Aliesha Timms Wilson
 And so begins another adventure with the Canadian Animal Assistance Team!  Three of our Burns Lake, BC team drove approximately seven hours on Friday, from Hope to Prince George or from Kelowna to Prince George.  After spending the night in a motel, we met the rest of our team members at the Prince George airport on Saturday morning. Team photo to follow on tomorrow's blog posting.

  The Burns Lake team is made up of the following members:
  Jackie Emard - Technologist from Kelowna, BC
  Aliesha Timms Wilson - Technologist from Squamish, BC
  Dr. Elizabeth Bartlett - Veterinarian from Langley, BC
  Carol Coffey - Assistant from Squamish, BC
  Isabelle L'Hebreux - Technologist from Calgary, AB
  Liza Lackner - Veterinarian from Richmond, BC
  Donna Lasser - Technologist from Hope, BC
  Dr. Cori Stephen - Veterinarian from Vanderhoof, BC
  Dr. Samantha Fuller - Veterinarian from Prince George, BC
  Kristie McKee - Technologist from Prince George, BC
  Dr. Earladeen MacGregor - Veterinarian from Vancouver, BC
  Dr. Laura White - Veterinarian from Vanderhoof, BC
  Amanda Byers - Assistant from Vanderhoof, BC
  Joanna Hadley - Technologist from Vanderhoof, BC
  Heidi Brown - Assistant from Sechelt, BC

 After stopping at the BCSPCA shelter in Prince George and picking up a van so graciously loaned to us for our use during our ten day stay in Burns Lake, we started the three and a half hour drive west to Burns Lake.   We were met by our hostess and contact person, Valerie Ingram, whom we followed the twenty minutes to the Southside Ferry, which crosses Francois Lake.   Valerie and her husband, Alistair, have a beautiful Bed and Breakfast (Lakeside Legacy B&B) situated on Francois Lake (photos to be posted), as well as running the Lakes Animal Friendship Society.

 Upon our arrival at the B&B, we were treated to a wonderful dinner and were given the opportunity to watch the Stanley cup hockey game on T.V., which the Vancouver Canucks fortunately won.

 Sunday morning was started with probably the best pancakes we have ever eaten, as well as some of the best coffee was thoroughly enjoyed by many.  The team spent the morning at the community hall we will be holding our clinic at for the next five days, setting up tables and organizing our supplies to ready ourselves for a busy workday tomorrow.  Following a very productive team meeting, we were treated to a Barbeque beside the lake, and had the privilege of meeting several people connected to the Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic.  Delicious food, great people, gorgeous views of the lake, and interesting conversation  made for a wonderful afternoon.

 We decided to do a practice run with our surgeries this afternoon by spaying and neutering two dogs and one cat, all surrendered by someone who could no longer keep them.  We neutered Perry, a 6 month old Newfie cross and very cute, spayed Bailey, a two year old lab/bassett hound cross, and neutered Mickey Blue Eyes, a two year old lovely and loving siamese cat with a white moustache.  All recovered beautifully from their surgeries.

 After another delicious meal - wow - are we every being spoiled rotten here, like never before anywhere CAAT has ever been - we drove twenty minutes and ended up on top of a hill with a fire towere, looking out over an incredibly gorgeous landscape, as the sun was setting.  Snow-capped mountains in the distance, lush green fields and pasture, endless Aspen and Pine trees as far as the eye can see!

 Tomorrow morning will come quickly, as we are anticipating a full day of appointments, vaccinations, and surgeries.

Jackie (foreground), Donna, Aliesha, Liz, Isabelle, Liza
Photo by Liz Bartlett


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