Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Botswana Africa April 2011

Our small team of four is heading out to our pilot project in Botswana very early on Thursday morning!   We are going to do our best to write on the blog when and if we get access to the internet!   We are looking forward to our collaboration with the Maun Animal Welfare Society and assisting in the work with domestic dogs in Maun and the surrounding area.  Stay tuned....


Ally Lamb, MAWS said...

Jenn, Robert, Chris and Annette arrived last week and are already doing a sterling job! We're keeping them busy so they currently haven't got much time for updating the blog, but we're giving them a day or two off over Easter so more news then!

Kate Lane said...

I was in Gaborone, Botswana for research in April-July 2010 and became involved with the BSPCA - an excellent group of hard working employees and volunteers with a shelter far exceeding capacity. Your group could make an enormous difference there- local veterinarians offer very little assistance and the costs of spay, neuters, vaccines, medicine makes it hard to allocate funds to much needed shelter upkeep projects. When I was there they were struggling to maintain the shelter as "no kill" though with over 100 dogs and only 30 kennels this was becoming increasingly problematic.
Please consider spending some of your time at this location as well. They are located on the outskirts of Broadhurst.
Phone: +267 71 820 111
Web: http://www.spca.org.bw/
Feel free to contact me for any additional information. klane29@gmail.com.

Thank you for doing such incredible work, and best of wishes.
Kate Lane

Ally Lamb, MAWS said...

Hi Kate,

We got in touch with the BSCPA earlier this year but our planned meeting in March was cancelled due to ill health. We are intending to have a meeting with them ASAP to see how we can help each other out. They run a different operation to us - we don't have long termers in kennels like they do - but I definitely think we have a lot to learn from each other's charities, and we are hoping to avoid duplication of work where possible.

Thanks for your kind wishes and hopefully we can welcome you back to Botswana one day soon!

Ally (contact details on our website)


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