Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Burns Lake ANIMAL WELLNESS CLINIC, Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Rise and rain was the way the morning began for the CAAT group in Southbank, BC.  Waking to the rain though did not dampen spirits as the team prepared for day 2 of the Animal Wellness Clinic.  With animals already waiting at the hall for surgery the project was up and running in no time.  By the end of the day the team had performed 33 sterilization surgeries, 43 vaccinations, and one oral examination.  There were three surgical stations running at todays clinic; each one consisted of a veterinarian and an animal health technologist plus an assistant.  Surgical patients were admitted to the clinic by our admissions volunteer, Marissa; after the paper work was complete the animals were sent to the examination and induction station and prepped for surgery after which they were transported to one of the three surgical stations.  Our surgical patients recovered in the care of Lorna, Carol, and Brenda.  Our day was busy, fun, and successful.  It ended with the CAAT team enjoying a pizza dinner hosted by Keefe's Landing Cafe near the south shore of Francois Lake.  The rain continued moving east and tonight we were graced with a beautiful sunfilled sky.  All of the team is heading to bed early tonight as tomorrow promises to be busier as the news travels of the project here in Southbank; and there is also a rumour that a hockey game starts at 5pm tomorrow night that we all might like to watch.

Isabelle and Jackie prepping a dog for surgery

Donna and Aliesha weighing a kitty

Jackie inserting an IV catheter while Liza restrains

Jackie and Sasha, a spay patient

Owner with her dog, Cougar

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