Saturday, June 02, 2012

Day 6 - Burns Lake BC

We had a nice leisurely morning on our first day off.  
Our afternoon was awesome!  We caught the ferry over to the Northside and went horseback riding.  It took more then a little work for Valerie to find someone who could take our whole group out at once, but she did.   Liz, Laura, Kristie, Stapley, Shaena, Lorna, Jen and Justin all headed out. I think that when they heard "veterinary team" they were expecting more experienced riders, as only Kristie and Liz had any skill at all.  The rest of us balanced precariously on our horses, hoping they would head in the right direction.  They did.  We all made it back alive after our two hour tour.  The views were breathtaking, and our butts only hurt a little. 
Valerie had arranged for someone to take us out for a hike along a beautiful train around a very picturesque lake.  Our "Vet Team" had an impression on our tour guide's husband.  As we started filing out of the car, he looked quite surprised and said "I was expected a group of old men when she said a group of vets were coming."   He was expecting war veterans - not veterinarians and technicians! 
After seeing the ultimate "Coca-Cola" collector's bar, Kristie, Stapley, Shaena and Laura headed to Kager Lake Recreation Site for our hike.  If you are into mountain biking at all you want to come check this place out sometime.  We were all chicken.  There are also some wonderful camping sites on the site that we had to check out along the way.
We all wanted to stop at the local Artisan shop - which was, of course, filled with a variety of wonderful things. 
And what better way to end a day like this? A private concert by the "Flaming Pies," a local cover band for the Beatles.  More food, a little wine and some great music.  We were joined by another team member - Jackie, a technican from BC.  We are getting really close to having our full team together!


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