Monday, February 19, 2007

Ontario Chapter

I was in Toronto recently for a conference, and met with two Ontario RVT's who are starting an Ontario Chapter of CAAT. Chris and Annette went to New Orleans on their own after Hurricane Katrina. When they returned home, they felt the need to find a group to create or join that would be able to provide services in the event of another disaster. They emailed CAAT founder Donna, and became involved.

The Ontario Chapter will spend the first months of their existence building their volunteer and supply base. Chris and Annette will be involved in the Nunavut project this summer to learn how projects unfold, and eventually they will be organizing trips for the Ontario region.

While at the Conference, I was waiting to ask a question of one of the speakers, a vet from here in Vancouver. She recognized me, and 'introduced' me to others nearby. I had several people take business cards, so hopefully the Ontario Chapter will have a good influx of Volunteers very shortly!

Interested in being involved? Visit and fill out a volunteer application.

Kirsten Wilson, RAHT


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