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Burns Lake ANIMAL WELLNESS CLINIC, Friday, June 10, 2011

L to R - Donna, Cori, Amanda, Aliesha, Liz, Jackie, Carol, Isabelle

  Today was the last day for  our Southbank clinic to be held and it was to be a shorter day than usual.  We were pleased to have a few more team members arrive today, Dr. Sammi Fuller and Technologist Kristie McKee from Prince George, and Dr. Earladeen MacGregor from Vancouver.  We were able to accomplish approximately thirty-one spays and neuters today as well as numerous vaccinations and dewormings.  

  It was possible for us to work only until 2:00 p.m. today, as there was a "Roundtable" meeting held at the Southbank Health Centre.  Representatives were present from various groups such as Nancy Larsen from the Alberta Spay and Neuter Task Force, Sherle Raitt from the Coalition for Animals, Dave Walchuk from the Burns Lake RCMP detachment,  Lindsey and Melanie representing the Prince Rupert SPCA, Joyce from the Prince George SPCA, Dave from Turtle Gardens, a woman representing the BC government,  Annie from the Lake Babine First Nations Band,  Valerie from a First Nations Band near Smithers, Cam and Jen from Terrace, Valerie, Alistair, Hayley, and Jan from the Lakes Animal Friendship group, several local Veterinarians, the entire CAAT team, and several more persons of importance in the Animal Welfare community in BC.   The issues discussed were how best to solve the overpopulation of dogs and cats along the Highway 16 corridor - from Prince George to Prince Rupert.  Many ideas and suggestions were discussed and plans put into place.  It was a very eye-opening and interesting meeting with much discussion and possible solutions.

  At 6:00 p.m. we moved next door to the elementary school gymnasium where the team were the guests of honour for a "Spaygetti and No-Balls" dinner hosted by the Southbank community to express their gratitude for all of the work we have been doing for their dogs and cats this past week.  The Faith Martin family treated us to delicious spagetti, salads, garlic bread and desserts.   The three member band, "Audrey's Band" played a set of ten or so songs, and then  "Flaming Pie" treated us to an evening of Beatles tunes as we enjoyed our time socializing.  A Loonie Auction was held with many wonderful items being auctioned.  There was a television set up so those interested could keep up with the hockey score - Vancouver ended up winning 1 to 0.  YAY!  The school children had drawn pictures to thank CAAT for coming and they were posted all over the gymnasium walls.  A few samples of their artwork are posted below for you to enjoy and appreciate.  Several brought tears to our eyes.

Surgical intake
Photo by Donna Lasser

No-name puppy - oh so cute!
Photo by Warren Munroe
Liz and Donna recovering Chico
Photo by Warren Munroe

Handsome boy waiting for his neuter

Photo by Lorna Bertram

Hayley - volunteer extraordinaire
Photo by Donna Lasser

Our amazing admissions volunteer, Marissa
who came from Terrace to help
Photo by Donna Lasser

Donna, Dr. Cori Stephen, Amanda

Amanda, Aliesha, Liz, Jackie

Jackie, Carol, Isabelle

"Audrey's Band" - at the community dinner
Photo by Donna Lasser

Denieve - volunteer
Photo by Donna Lasser

Donna and Sherle Raitt

"Flaming Pie" - playing Beatles tunes at the community dinner
Photo by Donna Lasser

Our cooks for the "Spaygetti and No-balls" dinner
Photo by Donna Lasser
"Spaygetti and no-balls" community dinner.
Thank you Southbank community for entrusting us
with your beloved pets' lives!
Photo by Donna Lasser
Watching for the hockey score
Photo by Lorna Bertram

Kristie McKee, Dr. Sammi Fuller - Prince George
Photo by Donna Lasser

A sampling of the drawings done for CAAT by the school children

Our favorite one!  Brought tears to my eyes.

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