Friday, March 31, 2006

Bula! (Hello!)

A personal blog entry...

I'm starting to get a little nervous! This will be unlike anything I have ever done before. The remoteness of the trip for starters...we are going to the island of Kadavu. There are no roads to the area we are going, so we will take the 30 minute trip by boat after flying from the main island. And I am a pretty nervous flyer!

The anesthesia will be unlike what I am used to also, as we will be using only injectible medications. Ordinarily, after inducing anesthesia with injectibles, we have the dogs hooked up to gas anesthesia through a breathing tube. And then there is the fact that the dogs are somewhat feral, so not exactly used to walking at a heel on a leash!

I am very excited to meet the Fijian villagers. What a great opportunity to learn about their history and culture. We are bringing gifts for the villagers and the children--clothing, candy, fishing line and hooks, toys. I hope to dance in the moonlight to the music of the people!

We leave in just over 48 hours!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Toll Free Number Now Available

The CAAT now has a toll-free number: 1-888-500-3330. Call for information on our organization, or how you can donate!

The Fiji Spay/Neuter Project (SNP) is just 9 days away! Our anesthetic drugs have been purchased through the Fiji SPCA and will be forwarded to the island of Kadavu for us. We will arrive in Nadi, on the west coast of the main island, and then fly south to Kadavu (about a 45 min flight). The Veterinarians may have to travel to Suva, (on the east coast of the main island) to get licensure, and then meet us on Kadavu (about a 30 min flight). We will stay at the Papageno resort, courtesy of the owner Anneliese Schimmelpfennig. She is very involved in the local community, and it was she that requested the SNP.

Other upcoming CAAT events: Come and see us at the Abbotsford Dog Daze (Abbotsford Exhibition Park) event on May 6th. We will have a booth set up with pictures of our Hurricane Katrina trip as well as the Fiji SNP. We will also have a booth set up at the Port Coquitlam ESS Fair May 7th. And one of our members will be speaking on the Fiji SNP to a Grade 3 class at Diamond Elementary School, an independent school in Surrey, B.C. This class raised $250.00 for the CAAT with a bakesale in October.

We will attempt to publish posts while in Fiji, however we are unsure if we will have access to an internet connection. If we are unable, we will be keeping a daily journal, and will post when we return.

Thank you for your continued support of the Canadian Animal Assistance Team.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fiji Project Coming Together

Many people have been working over the past few months to complete preparations for CAAT's Spay and Neuter project in Fiji. We have just sent a medications list to the SPCA in Fiji, who will purchase them there for us. The logistics to bring our own medications proved to be near impossible, so this solution was found. The medications will be purchased with donations from many generous companies (see donor list on our website), as well as the donations we continue to receive from people in the community. (Thank you!)

We have been asked by several groups to provide speakers on the topic of Emergency Preparedness for Animals. These presentations are in the works, as well as Spay and Neuter projects in communities here at home. More details on these projects to come.


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