Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Burns Lake ANIMAL WELLNESS CLINIC, Monday, June 6, 2011

Dog spay, Zoe, and her family
Photo by Warren Munroe
Liza and Aliesha examining a cat
Photo by Warren Munroe
Part of the Burns Lake Team, left to right, Jackie Emard, Carol Coffey, Donna Lasser, Isabelle L'Hebreux, Liza Lackner, Liz Bartlett, Aliesha Timms
Photo by Warren Munroe

Bright and early at 6:30 this morning, Aliesha, Donna, Liz and Jackie could be seen "power-walking" down the gravel road for some morning aerobic exercise, and Isabelle and Lulu, one of Alistair and Valerie's dogs, jogging by.  After a breakfast of french toast, the team headed over to prepare for our first patients which would be arriving at nine a.m.  for surgery. While Donna gave the Admissions volunteers, Riley, Marissa, Jan and Denieve a crash course in working at the Admsissions desk, the technicians prepared for the line-up of dogs and cats quickly arriving at the door.  In no time at all we had approximately twenty dogs and cats scheduled for surgery.   Liz Bartlett was our only Veterinarian today and she soldiered through one after another animal as fast as the technicians could get them prepped and on the table.  

Today was very challenging because we had a fair number of feral cats brought in, which had been running stray on one of the Reserves nearby.  A couple of us were scratched in the process, but nothing serious. 

We worked straight through the day until 6:30 p.m. and were able to accomplish five dog spays, three dog neuters, four cat spays, six feline neuters, one eye appointment for a dog, and four vaccine only appointments today.  The entire team worked so hard and Liz was a real trooper, standing in one place all day without complaint.

A disappointing hockey game was ending as we arrived home (Boston slaughtered Vancouver 8 to 1 in game three).   Dr. Cori Stephen and her assistant, Amanda Byers from Vanderhoof arrived as we were starting supper, and the team welcomed them with open arms. After a team meeting to discuss the day, the team dispersed to get a restful sleep. 

Perry - the oh so cute Newfie puppy
Photo by Warren Munroe

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