Saturday, September 17, 2005

Wounded and Weary, But Safe at Last

A dog brought into the Lamar-Dixon shelter today from New Orleans was so emaciated and dehydrated that his hip and shoulder bones were actually poking out through the skin. For people who have chosen to make the care and protection of animals their career, it is a difficult sight. But at the same time there is the pride and privilege of helping out these poor souls. The dog was heavily sedated, placed on the volunteer sign up table, hooked up to IV fluids and the skin over the joints sutured closed. He faces a long recovery; but at least now he has been given a chance.

The team is doing well. They are working lengthy days in the heat, but they are all healthy. They have been given the opportunity to go into New Orleans for one day on a Humane Society rescue team, continuing to look for stranded or abandoned animals. Those choosing to go will be seeing first hand the fate of some of the pets who couldn't find refuge from the hurricane--many animal bodies are in the streets now that the water is being pumped out.

Donna has been moved to tears many times over the past 48 hours. She says she has cried more in the past 2 days than she has in her entire career as an animal health technologist. She has taken many pictures of the teams experiences. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, she has been unable to send any to share. She is hoping to have this worked out in the next few days. We will post them here as soon as she can get them to us.

Here at home, plans are being finalized for Team #2. Included are a Vet and a Tech from Whitehorse, as well as Techs from Victoria and Saskatoon. All are looking forward to putting their skills and abilities to use in the relief effort. The team will continue to keep us updated on their experiences.

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