Thursday, September 15, 2005

Team arrives in LA

"It's very muggy here, lots of mosquitos", are the words of Donna, leader of CAAT. I spoke with the group via cell phone about 2 hours ago--they were about halfway between Houston and Baton Rouge. They have likely arrived by now, and are setting up their tents in the dark. They have been deployed to the shelter in Gonzales instead of the shelter at LSU. Gonzales is about 36km south-east of Baton Rouge. The shelter there is still quite chaotic; Dr. Eric Davis with the RAVS will be arriving on Friday to coordinate the work there.

Donations continued to come in today; a national radio spot on CBC and an interview on the Morning News on Global both aired this morning. We received donations from as far east as Newfoundland!

The team in place will likely be working very hard tomorrow, their first full day in LA. Expect a new post outlining their first impressions of the difficult work ahead.

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