Friday, September 30, 2005

Team 3 Put to Work

Team 3 departed early Wednesday morning, and Team 2 returned Wednesday night. Team 2 spent much of their time in New Orleans continuing the search for pets. They continued to be amazed at these pets, dirty, emaciated, dehydrated, but alive. They were also manning the triage center in the city, examining rescued pets and ensuring they were given any necessary medical treatment. Team 3 is in the city today, performing the same duties. Donna reports that teammember Kat's enthusiasm is infectious, and the team is working very well together, and giving each other much needed emotional support.

I (Kirsten) am preparing to leave Saturday morning, along with Team 4. We will be arriving Sunday morning. I will be posting my personal experiences as often as possible (I am hoping every day). I would like to personally thank everyone for your continued support. To those who have made monetary donations, to those who have volunteered their time to help, to those who have picked up the slack at workplaces so that their co-workers could travel to LA. You have ALL helped those pets. We couldn't do the work we are doing without you. Thank you.

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