Wednesday, September 14, 2005

First Group to Louisiana

The first group of 1 Vet and 7 Techs are on their way early tomorrow morning. They will land in Houston and drive to LSU, about 3 hours, and will likely be put to work soon after arriving. According to Dr. Davis of RAVS,
"there is an enormous need in Louisiana"
for vets and techs.

CBC radio and City TV interviewed CAAT leader Donna today, and Kirsten will be on the BCTV morning news tomorrow. Several other radio stations have called and asked to have interviews with the team while they are in LA. News travels fast!

As the first group leaves, the rest of the team sends love and strength with them to help them get through the long and emotional days ahead. They are truly amazing, warm and caring people. Watch for future posts of their experiences.

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