Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Alive After 29 Days

I spoke with Donna from New Orleans this evening and she shared some amazing tales of animals still alive after 4 weeks on their own. What a testament to the incredible resilience of these poor creatures.

Team 2 spent their last day in New Orleans today, manning the triage center there. Pets continue to be found in residences throughout the city, and are brought to the center. There, they are examined, hooked up to IV fluids if needed, given food and water, and subsequently transferred to the Lamar-Dixon shelter. There are many animals being found dead in their homes after a month on their own. But amazingly there are more that are found clinging to life, and are being given a chance by all the wonderful volunteers.

Team 3 prepares to leave early tomorrow morning. The group is about 14, a mix of Veterinarians, Technicians and Support Staff. We will post an update from them as soon as possible.

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