Monday, April 11, 2011

Ucluelet Animal Wellness Clinic continued

The community hall - our temporary clinic

A waiting client and pup
Kris, Donna and Barb in Admissions

Sarah, LeAnne and Dr. Rob starting a spay
Donna and Lijila in surgical prep

Caitlin and a pup in recovery

Kitty waiting for surgery

Ruby and kitten

Monitoring during surgery


 Our clinic opened at 9:00 a.m. There were people waiting at the door with their animals when we arrived at the community hall (our clinic for two days).   Barb, Kris and Richard worked on admissions, and Dr. Veronica and her tech and assistant started doing physical exams/vaccinations/dewormings/pre-surgical exams.  The other two Veterinary teams started the spays and neuters.  The day was busy with a steady stream of dogs and cats being brought in for their surgeries and/or vaccinations and dewormings. By the end of the day (6 p.m.) we had completed approximately seventeen spays and neuters as well as thirty animals were vaccinated and dewormed.  We were invited to a Potlatch by the community but we were disappointed to be unable to attend because we worked later than we had anticipated.  The team went out for pizza in town instead and spent the evening relaxing and getting to know one another better.

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