Monday, April 11, 2011

Ucluelet Animal Wellness Clinic continued

Sunday, November 28, 2010
A matching pair!

Donna and pups waiting to be admitted

   After breakfast and a brief team meeting, we made our way up to the community hall by 9 a.m. Clients were waiting at the door when we arrived. It's so nice to see such an eager community, and one which is so "on board" with what we are attempting to do for them and their pets.
Isabelle and kitten
Melanie figuring out drug dosages
   Today was even busier than yesterday but seemed to flow more smoothly.  By the end of our day we had completed twenty-three spays and neuters, and approximately forty vaccination and deworming appointments had gone through. The community was so thankful for all we had done for their pets that they gave the team freshly caught salmon to take home with us.  Thank you to the Ittatsoo reserve once again for a very successful weekend spent with you, and especially to Suzanne Williams and her husband for providing us with delicious meals and accommodations for the weekend! 
   After clean up and packing up of our medical supplies, the team spent the evening having fun and laughs playing Cranium.  
Sarah and pup
Kristina and kitten in recovery

Caitlin and boxer sharing a moment

Ruby and pup in recovery

A recovering boxer

Handsome boy

The salmon gift

Thank you to all of the team members who made this clinic one of the best we have ever held on the Ittatsoo reserve.

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