Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baker Lake, Nunavut - DAY 9

Archer showing off what a good boy he is!
Another hard working day for Archer!  Back to the school with Barb, Jen, Cynthia and Donna to visit a grade 3 class to learn about bite prevention.  They also watched our Dogs with Jobs videos.  The class had drawn some wonderful pictures of Archer and had many questions to ask about him.

Elaine examining one of the team
It was another busy day in our vaccine clinic today.  Twenty-nine pets vaccinated and dewormed, including another sled dog team by Elaine and Kim.

Victor's sled team
We are starting to realize that even starting at noon may be a little early, as we don't get many people coming in until around 3:00.  The leisurely mornings and slow start means that we just work later, today's surgeries weren't all sent home until after 10:00pm.   

The start of another beautiful sunset over the tundra.
A 9 year old retreiver named Barker was neutered today, and he also had a pretty significant bilateral entropian, which was tacked by Gina and her team to offer a little relief to his poor irritated eyes.  Hopefully it will make him feel better.

A very cute 6 month old puppy was brought in to the surgery clinic today, and we were told we could spay her if we wanted to, but the owner's didn't want her back.  Of course we spayed her, got her vaccinated and dewormed, and now we are looking for a home.  She and Archer became fast friends and she is loving all the people and other dogs that are coming around. 

Who could say no to that face?

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