Thursday, September 09, 2010

Baker Lake, Nunavut - DAY 5

After our late night last night, Elaine and Kim were still up at 7am to head out with Sue and Frances to see one of the local teams of sled dogs.  After an hour long ATV ride there and back over the rocky trails, they had 8 dogs vaccinated.

The surgery teams also got an earlier than normal start as we had another dog team coming in - all to be spayed and neutered!  Joe brought his 9 dogs in 2 by 2, and we got them all done.

Joe and two of his team, heading back home.
Of course, that couldn't be all our wonderful surgery teams did that day!  We also had some puppies and dogs in, and a single cat - named Tina Turner.  I'm not sure that Tina Turner was all that happy to spend the afternoon in a room full of howling dogs, but her owner's thrilled to have her spayed and brought in some freshmade bannock to thank us! 

Barb had one obedience class today, with a local girl who has Cerebral Palsy.  She wanted to learn how to walk her dog, and how to teach her dog to walk beside her bike.  She was so excited about her new leash and collar!

Just as we thought we were done for the day, we had our first emergency come in.  One of the little puppies we had neutered was back.  We had told the owner to be sure to feed the pups as soon as they were back home, and this little puppy didn't even wait for the fish to come off the hook.  He had gotten a large fishhook stuck right through his lips!  After we got him freed, we were still worried about swelling - so, of course, we took him home with us for the evening!  He was quite excited to see his owners when they came for him a little later.

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