Friday, September 10, 2010

Baker Lake, Nunavut - DAY 8

Barb and Archer were back at the elementary school this morning, along with Monica, Elaine, Zoe, Donna.  They all went to a grade 5 class and showed "Dogs with Jobs" videos to the children.  Archer has reached a certain level of fame here in Baker Lake, so everywhere he goes you hear the children calling out to him.

It was a busy day in the clinics today, we vaccinated 30 pets and performed 11 spays and neuters.   We have a great helper in Mona, a local lady who seems to knows everyone in town and all of their pets.  She jumps in her truck and comes back with a load of dogs for surgery.  She is a wonderful person and we are all so greatful for her help! 

Things seem to happen to us in bunches - husky day one day, fluffy day the next.... well, it was poo-day today.  'nuff said about that.

Today brought a not-so-simple case into our surgery.  Brucer is a 6 month old Mastiff x with inaudable heart sounds, increased respiratory effort and - to top everything off - one retained testical!   We were all really wishing we had an xray machine available, but without one our best guess was that he has a diaphragmatic hernia.  After explaining all of the potential conplications to Brucer's owner, he still wanted to have him neutered.  He was watched super closely during his anesthesia and surgery, and came through with flying colours. 

Jen, Monica and Cynthia got to see a full sled team coming riding into the vaccine clinic.  Quite a site to see the team hooked up to a 4x4 pulling it down the road! 
(picture of this to follow, because I can't pull it off of Monica's camera from here)

Another special visitor to the vaccine clinic was a special guy from last year.  Petri the cat was surrendered to last year's team and spent a few days living in the house with them until he was found a new home.  His name is now Brownie, and he is doing great with his new family!!  Thanks Cheryl for bring him in for a visit and to get him revaccinated.

We also got an unexpected donation today.  One of the southerners in town - it's hard to get used to being called a southerner! - brought in her dog to be vaccinated and made a donation for CAAT.  She and her husband had also given donations in lieu of gifts as wedding favours, so this was their second time supporting our organization.  Always a great surprise!   A giant thank you to Krista and her husband!

Donna, our great and glorious leader, working hard!

Another wonderful dinner - Artic char, jasmine rice with lime leaves, and veggies; and a game of charades rounded out the night.  

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