Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baker Lake, Nunavut - DAY 12

Bill spent this morning back in the role of our personal chauffeur.  Corrine, Barb and Archer had to be at the airport at 7:30 to start their full day of travelling.  First stop - Chuchill.  For a 12 hour layover.  Ouch. 

The rest of the team spent the first part of the morning tying up all the loose ends, like returning the coffee maker (Thanks, Russell! You were a life saver with that one!) and all of the keys we had.  But too soon it was time for us all to cram all the luggage in the back of Laurie's pickup truck, and cram the team into Bill's truck for the trip to the airport ourselves.  Baker Lake airport is kinda...ummm.. small.  So we pretty much took it over with all of our stuff.  But we got everything checked in - including Brownie, the puppy we are bringing back - and got ourselves on the plane. 
** I would just like to take the opportunity to point out that I have not said anything at all about Cynthia.  Nada.  As promised.   heehee. 
Our first flight of the day was to Rankin Inlet, where we had a three hour layover.  While Gina took care of Brownie, Cynthia stayed with all of our things.  The rest of the group took off for a little exploring of Rankin and a few last minutes souveiners and pictures. 
Back to the airport, back onto another plane, and off to Winnipeg we go.  I should mention what great treatment we all got on our flights with First Air, one of the Northern airlines.  Warm towels, hot meals, pillows and blankets, and some of the nicest, friendliest flight attendants I've ever met!   Barb and Corrine are traveling with another airline, CalmAir, and I can only assume they are having a similar experience.  It's not cheap to travel in our North, but they sure know how to treat you!!   Thank you to both FirstAir and CalmAir!
We all safely arrived in Winnipeg, and that is where most of us had to split up for the final legs of the trip home. 
It's so hard to believe that 12 days ago most of us hadn't even met.  Now we each have so many more great friends.  Trips like this one bring the team so close together so quickly, it feels like we've been a team forever.   It is so hard to say goodbye and spread back out across the country. 

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