Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 3 - Burns Lake BC

So I was up half the night worrying that nobody was going to show up with their pets this morning, and I was up the other half worrying that too many pet would be there!  I should know better - it always works out on CAAT trips!
We got up this morning - to another super yummy breakfast I might add - and headed to the clinic.  When we pulled into the parking lot, Lorna was already there and had a line up waiting to register!  We were all so excited.  The first day on a project like this is always the hardest, as it takes a few surgeries to get the team working really well together and develop the flow.  But we did great!  It didn't take long before we had 20 animals on the list for spays or neuters, and some others waiting for vaccines and neuters.  We had agreed that 20 was plenty and we would ask anyone else to come back the next day - and some did.  But there were a few people who couldn't come back - so when Lorna asked me if we could fit them in - I said of course.  (I wonder how long it will take for the rest of the team to figure out I'm a sap and someone else should be in charge of saying "no.")
We met another member of our team today - Justin.  He is using some of his precious vacation time from his job as an RCMP officer here in Burns Lake to help us and the animals.  We all love him already.
There are so many people in this area who are coming out to help us.  I was blown away by these volunteers!  So willing to help us - adults and kids alike.  Feeding us, tidying up, helping restrain pets, walking dogs, cleaning kennels, sweeping.  So much.  It is not uncommon to see a bunch of eager people waiting for the next animal to come to the recovery area so that they can cuddle and help them wake up.  It was especially heartwarming listening to some boys from the school negotiating who's turn it was next, and how long each could hold the pet. 
Some super cute pets were in today too - pictures will be up soon!  
We had tons of visitors today too - this morning brought with it many kids from the elementary school.  They had lots of questions and were really eager to see what we were doing.  In the afternoon we had some highschool kids come in and check us out too.  It was so much fun having the kids there - you never know what they are going to ask you!
At the end of the day we had spayed 6 pets, neutered 12, and vaccinated 17 more.  Not bad for the first day!

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