Thursday, May 31, 2012

Burns Lake, BC

Day 1 - Sat May 5, 2012
We are going to call this "Day 1" of this adventure, because this was the day that most of the team met in Prince George.  Each of us flying from wherever home is to meet up with a bunch of strangers in a strange place to spay and neuter a bunch of pets.  What could be better?
First to arrive was Stapley - a veterinary technician student from Ontario and Laura a Registered Veterinary Technician from Ontario.  Shortly after arrived Liz Bartlet, one of our Veterinarians from BC, and Shaena a Veterinary Assistant also from BC.  We were all greeted by Kristie, a Registered Animal Health Technologist also from BC.
Then we were off on our three hour drive to Burns Lake.  A very pretty drive if  you ever consider doing it!
We were very close to arriving when we had to wait to get on a ferry to carry us over to the southside of Lake Francois, some of us used this valuable time to try out the local milkshakes and ice-cream sundaes.  Like we needed an excuse!  Shaena even got her's hand delivered onto the ferry!  She was still waiting for it to be prepared when the ferry started loading so she ran to the car so we wouldn't leave without her, leaving her poor milkshake deserted.  Well, didn't the awesome girl working the icecream counter come running along behind her with the rescued milkshake in hand!  We all agreed that some pretty nice people must come from around here!
Once we made it across, we came to our wonderful new home for our time here.  A fantastic Bed and Breakfast, the Lakeside Legacy, run by our hosts, Valerie  and Alistair.

Lakeside Legacy B&B

Valerie and Alistair have done much more than open their home to us for our stay, but they have been instrumental in bringing CAAT here.  They do wonderful work for the area animals through the Lakes Animal Friendship Society ( and Valerie is also a great contributor to CAATs education committee. 
We got a great tour of the property and got all settled in, and then were treated to a wonderful supper.
I think we are all going to have a great time on this trip!

Laura Sutton, RVT

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