Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bula from Fiji


What a beautiful country! We arrived on Tuesday here, in the afternoon. We spent Wednesday meeting and organizing. Then we went out today, Thurs to our first village. It was the town just near the airstrip, and we did about 12 surgeries. Less than we wanted, but there was a funeral in town, so a lot of the villagers were there. Many people were a bit worried at first, but after a few, they were all interested in watching. The dogs were given ear tags after the surgery, so that when the government comes to poison when they become overpopulated, these dogs will separated. The children all came to see us, and we gave out toys, books and candy. The kids are all so beautiful...gorgeous smiles!

I have to keep this short, as we are using the office's computer. I will try to post more as our time here progresses. We are off to 3 different villages tomorrow, and hope to do closer to 30 surgeries. These villages have been told we are coming, so hopefully the turnout will be better.

Vinaka (thank you) for continuing to support us!

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