Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back to the old grind...

Day 10- April 23 Back to work, back to reality. Fourteen dogs awaited us this morning. Nation asked how many we wanted before we left on Friday, and he delivered. He spent his Sunday afternoon rounding up dogs from one of the local villages.Unusually for a Monday, there was no onslaught of walk-ins over the course of the day. All dogs were done and back in the recovery kennel by 1:30. All in all, we are quite pleased with this anaesthetic protocol despite it not being quite what we'd choose if other options were available to us. But this is what we come to expect on trips of this nature- we won't have all the drugs and machines that go beep that we have at home, and we have to make do with what we have. Under the circumstances, we are doing quite well. The MAWS clinic provides us with facilities superior in many ways to what we operate in at other projects We did have one mid-day drop off- a very skinny pup, about 3 months of age. He was quite anemic (pale gums) from both fleas as well as a probable load of internal parasites.He's a sweet little guy- very receptive to attention, and eager to eat anything we offered- he would have eaten a full can of Ecco Dog and Cat food had we offered it. He'll be at the clinic for a week or two getting back on his feet before MAWS starts looking for a new home for him.

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