Monday, July 18, 2011

Carmacks, Yukon

Today was our first real day of surgery.  Everyone worked getting organized and Isabelle was her usual awesome self and had everyone functioning in no time.  Admissions was pretty crazy at times but manageable.  Marnie did a fantastic job of recovering pets and assisting everyone that needed her.  The techs, Jenn, Cathy, Lindsay and Nicole did a fantastic job even though it was their first time.  Rob had his "A" game as always and Liz is amazing! Ten surgeries today. Tonight we hiked up a hill to see some native spirit houses despite warnings  that a grizzly had been spotted in the community.  We didn't see him.  All in all a very good day.  It is raining quite heavily currently but we love it here.  The Yukon is beautiful.  Stay tuned...


Donna Lasser said...
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Nick Lodder said...

Of course they did a great job. As much as I missed Marnie I am happy she had the chance to help out such a great cause! Congrats to CAAT on there successful trip!


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