Thursday, March 12, 2009


Sticky in the humidity and ravaged by an assortment of biting insects, our hard-working team was in much need of a break.

It was our second day off since arriving on the island. We enjoyed breakfast at the Happy Lobster before splitting up on several adventures.

Much of the group partook in a manatee boat tour at Swallow Caye, led by Chocolate's Manatee Tours, lasting more than five hours. It was a beautiful boat ride out to the site. “Several of us felt a little seasick at first,” revealed Donna. "But it was pretty exciting. One manatee even flipped his tail!” The group even witnessed a manatee love-making session, and was exposed to a lot of sun out on the water.

A manatee glides past the boat (Photo Credit: Donna Lasser)

Chocolate leads the group around Swallow Caye (Photo Credit: Donna Lasser)

“Being a group of veterinary professionals, we’re obviously really interested in conservation as well. Chocolate has been running this tour for many years. He does a really good job of educating people who come on the tours about the manatees and why they’re endangered and why it’s important to protect their habitat,” remarked Caitlin.

Manatee observation hut (Photo Credit: Donna Lasser)

“Chocolate told us the cruise ships are the worst thing that ever happened to Belize, conservation-wise,” said Donna.

Jen P. and Carmen took off to Ambergris Caye for the majority of the day, shopping, exploring and documenting San Pedro, finishing their stay with dinner at Wet Willy’s on the water taxi dock.

A few members of the team stayed behind, and Kim was there to welcome Choncho, a German Shepherd cross, into our care. The five-week-old puppy was found wandering Front Street and brought to us by a concerned local.

For dinner, Isabelle prepared salad with avocado, tomato pasta, and shrimp, and the team called it an early night.

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