Monday, July 28, 2008


We still can not believe that today is our last day in Pond Inlet. It has been such a fun and productive trip, with a great team. Yesterday was our "day off", which was lots of fun and one of the coldest days so far. Kim and Kris held a bite prevention program at the local library for the children, which was a huge success. There were lots of kids that came to see us and I think that they learned alot. The rest of the day we relaxed and vaccinated Andrew's dog sled team.

Our last day in Pond Inlet was a day for clean up and vaccines. The clinic was open all day to vaccinate any pets that have not been done. There were no surgeries scheduled for today so we all took shifts in the clinic. Some of the team went to the Northern to look at the local artwork and there were many walks around town. We also hosted a vaccination workshop with several members of the community. We were able to go over proper handling and how to give vaccines. I think that this is one of the most important things that we have done so far to make sure that the dogs in Pond Inlet will stay healthy once we leave.

Our last night was spent at Debbie's house for a wonderful supper and homemade ice cream, which turned out to be more like a milk shake but very delicious. It was really sad to know that we were going to be getting on our plane home tomorrow morning. After supper we decided to do a polar bear dip in the ocean. All five team members went in for a little swim in the icy water. Ashley did not go in the first time so that she could take pictures of the dip, so Kris and Allison went in a second time so that Ashley was not going in by herself. Once we went back to the house we all had hot chocolate to warm up and the final packing was started.

We were picked up early and taken to the airport where we were met by Lindsey one of the local children that came there to say goodbye. She is such a wonderful and smart little girl. We were also met by Sheba, who was a local woman that was making us all mitts, and she was dropping them off for us just in time.

When we landed in Iqaluit we were met by Janine, who is the person who runs the Humane Society there. We had some extra vaccines and we were leaving them there with her. Janine took us for a little tour of Iqaluit and brought us to one of the first Hudson Bay trading posts. We did a little bit of souvenir shopping and then we were on our way back to Ottawa. Our flight from Iqaluit to Ottawa was alot of fun, I am really sad that this will be that last time for awhile that we will all be together. I will say it again, our team was awesome and I am lucky to work with such wonderful and caring women. Once we landed in Ottawa, Stephanie was met by her parents to continue her vacation in Ottawa, Ashley went to check in for her flight back to Toronto, Kris and Kim were traveling on the bus back to Toronto together and Allison went to the park-n-fly to pick up her car and

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