Friday, July 20, 2007

DAY 6, Saturday July 14, 2007

We have discovered that weekends are fairly slow in this community. A woman named Marie asked us if we could “fix her dog’s neck”. There was a large slash on his neck so we asked her to bring him in to the clinic to us. Her husband went on his ATV out to get the dog, about an hour’s drive each way. His injury turned out to be very severe, a long gash across the entire back of his neck. Two of our veterinarians, Liz and Brigitte, worked together side by side to shave, wash and stitch up his neck and put a drain in place. They believe the gash was caused by some kind of attack, as there were multiple teeth marks and tears.

Several team members went out and vaccinated more dogs door to door and out to Luki’s dog team to vaccinate a couple of more dogs we had previously missed.

Isabelle cooked the team a delicious meal and we spent the rest of the evening answering the doorbell, various artists trying to sell their crafts. Word spreads quickly throughout the community that we are looking to buy.

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