Monday, December 18, 2006

Fundraiser Thank-Yous

Our "Pooch Pampering Party" fundraiser, at Heather's Place Doggy Daycare, was a big success! Thank you to all of the participants / volunteers:

1) Dennis & Christine of Big Dog Little Dog Bakery in Burnaby (, for their donation of dog biscuits.

2) A huge thank you to Heather of Heather's Place Doggie Daycare and Grooming in Vancouver, for so generously giving us her facility for the entire day, and for being Santa Claus. We appreciate what you did for us beyond words.

3) Trevor of Pacific Veterinary Sales for donating the shampoo. So much appreciated Trevor!

4) To the amazing CAAT team members who gave up their Sunday to help out - Nadia, Kirsten, Danielle, Carla, Kat, Sean, Norma, Daniel, Aliesha, Davy, Rosie, Kathrin, Angie and Catherine - a huge thank you. Couldn't do this without all of you.

5) Jen and Carmen, our pet photographers, from Hey Mama Creative ( - you did a great job. It was fun.

6) To the team members who couldn't be present but provided baked items for the bake sale anyways... Brigitte, Tara, Sarah, Jackie - thanks so much.

7) To Norma - for running all over Vancouver putting up posters, and for taking the table and chairs back to the rental place - thank you hugely.

8) To Jackie - for making bandanas for the dogs; they were wonderful.

9) To Michel - for the wonderful posters you created. Thank you.

10) To Gary - for your help with set-up Saturday evening. You are a lot of fun. Thank you.

11) Last but not least, to Daniel - for his creativity, initiative, organization, extremely hard work, and all the effort and thought he put into this event. You are an amazing man and CAAT is so blessed to have you. Thank you!

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