Friday, May 26, 2006

CAAT Named Pet Services Coordinator

CAAT put forth a proposal at the Emergency Social Services Pet Services Committee meeting last night in Vancouver to become the Pet Services Coordinator for the City of Vancouver. The committee, consisting of representatives from the Vancouver Pound, Vancouver Parks and Rec, the SPCA, etc, voted unanimously in favor. As the Pet Services Coordinator, CAAT will form a Pet Services committee. This committee will begin to draw up plans for the evacuation, sheltering, treatment and ongoing care of animals, and organizing volunteers to run the shelter/reception centre, in the event of a disaster in Vancouver. CAAT will work in conjunction with other groups such as the SPCA and humane society, both before and during a disaster, but will be the 'go-to' organization in the event of a disaster in Vancouver. CAAT hopes to set the standard protocols/template for other cities in Canada to follow.

For more information, you can email us at, or call 1-888-500-3330.

Note: Pictures have been added to final Fiji posting.

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